A unique experience

BattleKart is a unique and ultra-innovative concept, where technology makes itself transparent in favour of maximum pleasure, whether or not you are used to electric go-karting and video games.

BattleKart is a full-sized video game console, where players drive around in real, ultra-spirited electric go-karts!

The BattleKart experience

A game takes place in different stages:

Reservation on the website or on-site.

Personalisation of the game (only available on the website).

Preparation: (emptying pockets, fixing glasses, removing loose clothing and scarves).

Boarding. It marks the beginning of the game. During this stage, the players are invited to take position in their vehicle (the player’s nickname is written on the back screen of the kart). If a player who is registered for the game is not present at the time of boarding, the game will start without them.

The games. The modes of play that you have configured will follow one after the other. Don’t worry, if you haven’t set up your game. We’ve configured it for you with game times, circuits and bonuses adapted to your level. After each game, the game score appears, as well as the general ranking of the game

Back to the pits. Players are invited to join the pits.

The disembarkation. Once all the players have arrived at the pits, you can disembark (not beforehand, for security reasons).

The podium photo. After checking the scores close to the podium, you can pose for crazy pictures. Take as many as you want. It’s free, and you can download them in high definition.

Relive your game. While you have your drink at the bar after your game, you can view the computer-generated replay of your game. It’s very useful to understand the strategies of your opponents and improve yourself for the next game.

Replay! Most players play two or three games when they come to BattleKart: don’t hesitate to ask the reception if there is a slot left to play again. Registration will be even easier if you’ve just played.

Share! When you get home, share your podium photos, your scores and your replay with your friends. 

Crazy game modes!