It’s green, it’s nasty, it adapts to your every action and grows stronger along the way. The virus* you’re about to attack has only one goal: to infect you and immobilise you all, one after the other.

But it’s not going to happen like that! To defeat it, you’ll have to coordinate your actions. All against one, in this fully cooperative mode…

You’ll also have to choose between pounding the virus with your missiles, or gleaning a medical box and using your syringe to heal one of your infected teammates. Two ways of playing, two complementary roles to try to defeat the virus. At the end of the game, a cohesion score is calculated, as well as other statistics.

But first and foremost, don’t go near it. You’ll be stopped dead in your tracks… Good luck, and more importantly remember to let off steam!

Any resemblance to real-life characters or viruses is purely coincidental. Well, let’s face it, we’ve all been through so much in the last few months that blowing up that nasty green blob with missiles is thoroughly liberating and enjoyable. So we’re certainly not going to stop you!


It’s the ultimate enemy: fierce, devious, and stronger in each of the 20 levels of the game. A word of advice: don’t go near it! You’ll need perseverance and, more importantly, a lot of cooperation to defeat it!


Drive onto this square to arm yourself with missiles, and fight the enemy. At the start of the game, they’re unlimited and always reappear in the same place. But after that, things start to get tough… 


The weapon par excellence — especially if you manage to coordinate your shots — to calm the contagion.


Drive onto this square to equip yourself with a syringe. They’ll appear when progress to a certain point in the game, but they’re limited, so pay attention to your infected comrades.


Once you have a syringe, you can heal and free one of your teammates who has been infected and stopped on the track.


Coordinate your attacks, and use the COMBO effect to amplify the damage inflicted on the virus. Try two or even three simultaneous shots within 3 seconds and double or triple the impact of each of your missiles! On the other hand, always keep a heavy fire against the enemy: 3 seconds without firing a missile, and the COMBO effect will disappear!


Depending on how you play (more offensive, more of a healer, or clever at dodging virus attacks), you will be awarded a prize at the end of the game.