An outing with friends

Looking for an original, innovative, unique outing with friends? You have found it! BattleKart is a concentration of sensations and emotions for unforgettable activities with friends.

BattleKart is indeed THE ideal destination for all your outings with friends, at the end of the afternoon, at the beginning or end of the evening, or on weekends (we are even open on Saturday and Sunday mornings).

  • A successful outing with friends starts with a date: arrange it among yourselves and book your game online on our website. You don’t know BattleKart yet? Let our packages guide you and discover the BattleRace and BattleColor modes in the basic configuration of your game. Have you played during a previous outing with friends? Why not try our other game modes: BattleFoot and BattleSnake?
  • The game: it’s a mix of electric go-karting with augmented reality. In short, it’s a life-sized video game where you are the heroes! Whether or not you are used to driving go-karts or the dynamics of video games, everyone has a chance, young or old, man or woman.
  • After your game, or if you’re not participating, enjoy the view of the circuits provided by our panoramic bar while your friends are playing! We offer you a wide choice of drinks and beers at very low prices, to extend your outing with your friends in a joyful and happy mood!
  • It’s another fun time to remember those moments of play. Don’t forget the podium photo and let loose!

Here are some tips to make your outing with your friends go as smoothly as possible:

  • Book your game well in advance to ensure that you can play when you want.
  • Consult our website and the explanations of the different game modes and, if you wish, customise the content of your game from your couch!
  • Like most of our players, if you would like to take the time to settle down and have a drink before your game, please arrive at the reception desk 30 minutes before your game starts.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol before the start of the game, to enjoy the thrill of the game even more.