A family outing

Are you tired of the usual family outings? Do you think that you’ve run out of ideas for you to have fun with the kids?  

Don’t look any further! Do you have children who are taller than 1.45m? BattleKart is the perfect place to go for your family outings and activity that will delight young and old.

Whether dad is a fan of karting or not, whether mum has or hasn’t ever touched a video game, or whether the kids are hooked on games consoles or not; every family and every player is guaranteed to experience unforgettable times at BattleKart.

It’s a plethora of unique sensations available to everyone, open at the end of the day during the week (of which Wednesday’s from 4 pm), and all day long on Saturdays and Sundays. 

To prepare your family outing at BattleKart, we offer you some tips:

  • Reserve your game well in advance on our internet site. It will ensure that you can play at the time you want.
  • Take the time to discover our gameplay modes on our website as well as on our Youtube channel. And, why not, personalise the content of your game by testing the play modes such as BattleRaceBattleColorBattleFoot BattleSnake and BattleVirus. Is this your first visit to BattleKart? Let yourself be guided by our packages; the fun is guaranteed!
  • Young children (from 1.45m) or older children: rest assured, you will easily master BattleKart: the game is a mix of electric karting with augmented reality and is very intuitive; the on-board computer gives you advice and informs you during the game. Driving the karts is very simple, and the speed is adapted for everyone. Among other things, the anti-collision system reduces the shocks to a minimum. This accessibility can lead to the youngest people to beat their parents. Disbelief and laughter are guaranteed when reading the scores or replaying your game!
  • Does one of you prefer to admire the prowess of others without getting behind the wheel? No worries. He/she can enjoy the panoramic view of the tracks and sip a good drink while comfortably seated in our lounge bar. He/she will also be able to see the ranking progress live and join you for a podium photo that will seal the indelible memory of a successful family outing! 
  • Make the most of the time you spend in our panoramic bar to watch the Replay all together!