Have you already exceeded reality?

Closed until further notice!

Your BattleKart Kortrijk complex will be closed from Friday, October 30 and until further notice, after restrictions related to the Covid19 pandemia.

For all of our players who have booked one or more games, our teams will credit amounts related to your games to your BattleKart accounts, making it very easy to book later (with no time limit), and to come back to play BattleKart in optimal conditions.

Did you book a game with a gift card? We will reissue a pass that is valid for 2 years and send it to you.

After going through the first period of confinement, having taken all precautions to protect the health of everyone since the month of June, our SME – like others – is once again hit hard by the consequences of this unprecedented health crisis.

We were therefore forced to place our team on temporary unemployment. Your requests by phone, email, through this website or our Facebook page cannot be processed within the usual timeframes. We will get back to you as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding and support.

Take care of yourself,

The BattleKart Kortrijk team

« With BattleKart, you
don’t play the game; you play IN the game »

BattleKart is quintessential of video gaming, augmented reality and electric go-karting, brought together to provide you with unparalleled sensations! Imagine a track on which we project different circuits and playing modes, where you progress at full speed onboard an electric kart while interacting with the scenery, the bonuses, and the other players.

Discover the concept among friends, with family, or among colleagues!

Choose your games!

A crazy race, where you use the bonuses scattered on the track to gain speed or slow down your opponents. The winner is the person who completed the most laps when the final gong sounds. Don’t cut across the grass or you will be slowed down, and your turn might not count!

On a fully-gridded track, drive to cover the ground with your colour. The team that colours the most boxes pockets the victory! As soon as you have coloured ten successive squares, use your bonuses (boosts or missiles) against your opponents!

Glean the coloured balls that appear randomly on the track and increase the queue behind your kart, but above all, don’t touch the edges of the track or the queue of your opponents, or you’ll lose all the fruits of your efforts!

Onboard their kart, players try to launch the (virtual) ball into the goal of the opposing team. The winning team is the one with the most goals within the time limit. Be quick, and think strategically to counter attacks

Minimum height to play the game

Our packages for companies and organisations!

BattleKart, an innovative and immersive entertainment concept combining indoor electric go-karting and augmented reality. A world-exclusive cocktail completely adapted to the greeting of your company and your employees!

Your opinion is important to us!

Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion on our pages. We love compliments, but we also always take constructive remarks and criticism into account.

Do you have a remark, a suggestion, a critique? You can also send it to us by email.

They loved going beyond
their reality

A discovery like this rarely ever happens! Frankly, I have nothing to complain about, and I can’t wait to go back!

Loïck Mollet

We came because a colleague was leaving and had a great time. Long live BattleKart!

Xavier Thiriaux

I had an incredible time: fun, suspense, great atmosphere… Getting together like children and having fun. The concept, the infrastructure and the organisation are top-notch. 

Damien Dercq

We had a great time. The go-karts go at the right speed; the bonuses react well. It’s really a topper! Let’s hope it comes to us soon. It’s a pity we had to travel 800km to experience it! 


A unique experience. Great feelings and adrenaline. Whether you come first or last, it’s just fun! The platform is excellent, responsive and friendly.


I really loved being with my friends for my birthday. It was the best go-karting I’ve ever done. It really felt like Mario kart; I’m thinking about doing it again very soon.